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Wildflowers Of Yellow IslandMadrona & MoonBaker Behind SuciaStorm Covered Olympic Mountains Over False BayFalse Bay Farm SunsetMoon and Mars at MidnightSunset Rays West SideSmall Town BluesSouth Beach Storm Cloud SunsetAmerican Camp Driftwood Beach SunsetStormy South BeachFriday HarborFront Row FerryUndulating Waters Off Lime KilnSan Juan Valley EveningMadrona BarkTwo Deer Easing In To MorningChristmas Sunset at South BeachWild Waves At Lime KilnFox Stare Down

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Paul Cassidy(non-registered)
Thrilling. I love what you choose to share with me - thank you so much.

I am a retired marine biologist but still get my lens in the gooey stuff, I am interested in your macro works.... but haven't seen enough of yet. Where do I look?
The guestbook is empty.