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Perseids Over Haro StraitPersieds Over PelindabaMilky Way Over the Salish Sea June 27Milky Way from Stuart Island June 27Halloween Milky Way Over Stuart IslandPerseids over Pelindaba Lavender on San Juan IslandShooting Star at Lime Kiln LighthouseMilky Way over MadronaJupiter and Saturn in the Milky Way over the Salish SeaLime Kiln Lighthouse under Comet Neowise and the Big DipperMilky Way Above the Salish SeaGateway to the Milky WaySolar Eclipse 2017 TotalityMilky Way in DepthMilky Way over Salish SeaPerseids Meteor Shower 2015Pod House Under the Milky WayMilky Way over Stuart IslandReflections of the Milky WayFull Moon Rise on Stuart Island

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How did you do that? :) I can not take my eyes of those pictures!
Butch (Paul) Cassidy(non-registered)
Chris, I have something that you need. It is very valuable. I'm done with it now - and I would really like you to have it.

It is an underwater camera housing. I had it built for me by Ikalite. There are many underwater cameras available today which are pretty useable, but they wont do the things this housing will do.

I used it mainly as a "drop camera"..... I used it ecological studies of the marine ecosystem at depths up to 350 feet.

It is designed to accept a 35 mm SLR camera, but could be easily adapted for many other cameras. The beauty of this is the "fish-eye" faceplate which greatly enhances color saturation AND allows the use of macro and other specialty lenses; pretty much anything you can attach to a SLR camera.

It will take a little 'messing around' to fit your particular camer -- but, hell, that's half the fun. Nothing more than a small saw, file, sand paper and elbow grease can't accomplish.

If you want it --- it's yours. It had been gathering dust in my garage for years -- right now it is in Seattle gathering dust at my daughter's house. I had thought of selling it, but I could never ask the real value of the thing. It would thrill me to know that it is in your hands and that it will understanding and knowledge and interest to many people.

Call me at 360 293 8969 (Anacortes).
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