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Milky Way, Aurora, Pillar, Green Blobs, and a Shooting Star!Northern Lights Over Griffin Bay and the San Juan Islands10 Minute Northern Lights over Stuart IslandAurora Proton Arc & Meteor over Stuart IslandAbove and Below The Salish SeaProton Arc over Stuart IslandReflections of Aurora on Stuart IslandChasing Aurora On Stuart IslandBack Yard Northern LightsAurora Big Dipper Over RVs SewardKickedTripodAuroraAmazingAurora1AmazingAurora2AmazingAurora3AmazingAuror8BigDipperOverRVsAmazingAurora10AmazingAuror14AmyAndDaveVerticalAuroraNoRVAmazingAuror12RVsUnderAuroraAmazingAurora4

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Awesome! I am impressed :)
Wow, every photo shows your individual style :)
WOW I never saw something like this, Your photos are awesome! colours are brilliant!
Beautiful photos! Know if the northern lights will be reappearing anytime soon? How did you find out?
Hi Chris ... just saw your beautiful picture of the Northern Lights over Orcas Island ... it was in the Island Sounder. Sadly ... the Sounder is a pathetic excuse for a newspaper ... but that is another story .... LOTS of information was missing ... like how to get in touch with you .. what time did you take the picture ... (WHY wasn't the picture they published in large format so one could see the incredible beauty ) .. when did you find out these lights might show up so that you could be ready to shoot (would have been REAL nice if the "I.S. newspaper" had done a heads up story so folks could get out and watch. Anyway, congrats on a beautiful shot ... how much are you charging for a copy??? BTW my husband and I live on Orcas Island and we would ABSOLUTELY have stayed up to watch this wonderful event .. IF WE HAD KNOWN ABOUT IT! Thanks for your picture ... and let me know if copies are for sale.
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