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Sunset Clouds over the OlympicsFull Moon over BellinghamBellingham By NightSuper Moon Rising Behind Mt. Baker / Koma KulshanFull Moon at the Peak of Koma Kulshan / Mt. BakerSunset Alpenglow on Mt. Baker / Koma KulshanClouds Rippling Around Mt. Baker / Koma KulshanSherman Peak and Crater at SunsetAbove Koma Kulshan / Mt. BakerSunset Cloud Waves Around Mt. Baker / Koma KulshanKoma Kulshan SaddleSouth Face of Mt. Baker at SunsetGetting Closer to Koma KulshanLast Rays of Sunlight on Koma Kulshan / Mt. BakerHigh Above the Haze over the Salish SeaKoma Kulshan Peaking Above the SmokeHigh above the haze over the Salish Sea12,000 feet above the Salish SeaMt. Baker's Shadow on the CascadesMount Baker Clouds and Sunset