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Sunset Clouds over the OlympicsPerseids over Pelindaba Lavender on San Juan IslandShooting Star at Lime Kiln LighthouseFull Moon over BellinghamBellingham By NightSuper Moon Rising Behind Mt. Baker / Koma KulshanFull Moon at the Peak of Koma Kulshan / Mt. BakerSunset Alpenglow on Mt. Baker / Koma KulshanClouds Rippling Around Mt. Baker / Koma KulshanSherman Peak and Crater at SunsetAbove Koma Kulshan / Mt. BakerSunset Cloud Waves Around Mt. Baker / Koma KulshanKoma Kulshan SaddleSouth Face of Mt. Baker at SunsetGetting Closer to Koma KulshanLast Rays of Sunlight on Koma Kulshan / Mt. BakerHigh Above the Haze over the Salish SeaKoma Kulshan Peaking Above the SmokeHigh above the haze over the Salish Sea12,000 feet above the Salish Sea