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Friday Harbor Winter WonderlandFalse Bay and the OlympicsMt. Baker and Turtleback MountainFriday Harbor Lights PanoFriday Harbor Holiday Lights with WSF SamishFriday Harbor and SamishDramatic Mount RainierChanging Seasons on Mount RainierSunrise over the Salish SeaSunset Clouds over the Olympic PeninsulaOlympic Peninsula SunsetDusk in the Elwha River ValleyNorthern Lights over Griffin Bay - Oct. 11, 2021Northern Lights & Mt. Baker - Oct 11, 2021Clouds Mirroring Mt. BakerSunset Clouds over the OlympicsPerseids over Pelindaba Lavender on San Juan IslandShooting Star at Lime Kiln LighthouseFull Moon over BellinghamBellingham By Night