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Whale Plane Above EdmondsWhale Plane over the Puget SoundWhale Plane Near the Olympic MountainsWhale Plane above the Hood CanalWhale Plane Reflecting on it's Landing ZoneWhale Plane Touching Down in Hood CanalWhale Plane Entering the Olympic MountainsWhale Plane On The SlideWhale Plane Above the Olympic MountainsWhale Plane Flying Along Side the OlympicsWhale Plane Touch and GoWhale Plane in the CloudsWhale Plane Under the Wing, Above the OlympicsWhale Plane Above Magnolia & BallardWhale Plane and SeattleWhale Plane in front of EdmondsWhale Plane Inches Above the Hood CanalWhale Plane & Mt. Rainier above SeattleWhale Plane Over EdmondsWhale Plane Over Bangor