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Above the Steller Sea Lions of Spieden IslandHumpback Breath in San Juan ChannelHeather Fluking at SunsetPuffinsAtSmithIsland-109PuffinsAtSmithIsland-108PuffinsAtSmithIsland-107PuffinsAtSmithIsland-106PuffinsAtSmithIsland-105PuffinsAtSmithIsland-104PuffinsAtSmithIsland-103PuffinsAtSmithIsland-102PuffinsAtSmithIsland-101PuffinsAtSmithIsland-100Dall's Porpoise Along SideBreath of a Fluking HumpbackHumpback Waving Goodbye to San Juan Island FerrySeal at South BeachSeal at South Beach - WideAmerican Dipper Footprints on the Elwha RiverSoaring Raven